WRC 6 FIA World Rally Championship | 1990

WRC 6 FIA World Rally Championship

WRC.6.FIA.World.Rally.Championship تحميل

Release-Title:[ WRC.6.FIA.Word.Rally.Championship

Language:[ English ]-

Download-Size:[ 11.3GB ]-

Release-Date:[ 23/06/17 ]-

Iso-Or-Crack:[ STEAMPunks ]-

Ripped-Removed:[ Nothing ]-

Movie-Recode:[ Untouched ]-

Audio-Recode:[ Untouched ]-

Texture-Recode:[ Untouched ]-

Space-Required:[ 23.78GB ]-

Installed-Size:[ 18.2GB ]-

Operating-System[ X64 ]-

Drivers/Extras:[ Extras Folder ]-



v1.0.53 & DLC Included.


Step-1:[ Unrar Using Latest Winrar Or Equivilant ]-

Step-2:[ Click Install.exe
Select Install Location And Wait For The
Game Data To Be Extracted/Rebuilt ]-

Step-3:[ Use The Created Desktop Or Startmenu
Shortcut To Play ]-

Estimated Install Time:- 17m HDD To SSD 8 Cores [*]
4 Cores [ ]

Occasionally Aditional Tasks May Be Required For Data Rebulding
After The Installer Completes, The Tasks Are Visible And Must
Be Allowed To Complete.



Most Common Errors Are Due To The Users System Security Whether
It Be User Installed Or Within Windows.
Be Aware Cracks Or Tools Required Maybe Detected As Suspicious
And Blocked Or Removed.


Memory Hungy Apps And Hidden Tasks Can Often Push Users
Under The Recomended Requirements The Installer Needs,
Whether It Be Pysical Or Virutal Memory. This Can Cause The
Installer To Display A CRC Error, It Can Be Corrected By
Increasing Your Virtual Memory. In Most Cases Installing
In Safemode Can Also Bypass This Issue.


Our Installer Has Been Changed Around Many Times, As Of Its
Last Update We Have Had No Issues So Far.


We No Longer Force Execute These After Install As Requested.
If The Source Came With Any They Can Be Found In The Games
Root Folder Labled Extras. Run These To Avoid Vcredist And
DirectX Related Errors

click to begin
11.3GB .zip

Moatasem mohamed

الاسم معتصم اعيش بالاسكندرية ومهووس بالمعلوميات كمجموعة من المدونين المهووسين بذات التدوين في بداية طريقى في ذلك الوقت قمت بانشاء مدونة عبقرينو مبتدئ لكني احاول في انجاحها وذلك راجع الى اصرارى وتحقيق ماأريد من نجاح لنفسى وللمدونة وما زلت اتعلم وسأظل أتعلم كانت هذه نبذة عن مسيرتي في هذا العالم الفريد من نوعه وارجو من الله العلي القدير ان يوفقني في مسيرتي في التدوين حتى تكون مدونتي تقدم لكم الافضل دائما.

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